We’re sustainable growth consultants, covering the essential areas that have the most impact on your business. Whether you need renewed excitement in your strategy, in operational efficiency, in innovation efforts, or improving employee motivation; we can guide you, ask the right questions or help you to implement change in any of those key areas. It’s our job to help you to stand out by implementing world class practices and enlighten you with the latest insights to propel your company forward and become and stay a top performer.

Contact us when

  • The company is not performing very well, in general or in certain areas, and it’s unclear why
  • Employee morale, engagement and motivation is low
  • Post-merger difficulties results in a high amount of employees leaving
  • Post-merger difficulties have a negative impact on profits
  • Your company is scaling up but struggles to continue its steep growth
  • Your company is scaling up but the organisation that was once so efficient, now slows you down.
  • You have a strategy, but only in the heads of the management
  • You have a strategy, which is to implement a functional solution of which you believe it will resolve the company’s problems
  • You have a strategy, you’ve communicated it to all employees, but it seems like it has little effect
  • Your mission is to become the number one, your vision is what you do, your strategy is clear but employees don’t really know how to act on it, or the values in your company are defined solely by management
  • Employees, middle management, higher management have difficulties making decisions without approval of the level above
  • Everybody/nobody owns the major business processes
  • The major business processes seem clear, but there is discussion from the moment validation is needed from other stakeholders
  • Processes are generally clear, but when exceptions arise, there is discussion that leads to (long) delays
  • Processes are generally clear, within a team. People outside the team can only get to know the processes when asking the right person, and at times it’s unclear who that right person is
  • Employees and contractors are hired on gut-feeling basis
  • Innovation is important to you, but there is no solid process on how ideas are captured, by whom they are validated, or how and by whom they are developed
  • The people bringing new ideas to the table generally have innovation related profiles
  • There is no one who keeps track of what start-ups are doing, and thus there is little awareness of how fast your industry can/will be disrupted
  • The company is going through major change, and the company believes internal resources with no battle hardened skills will suffice to guide the change
  • The company struggles to attract great talent
  • The company struggles to keep its best talent

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