08 Apr 2021
6 minute read

People often put their focus on their strengths instead of their weaknesses because it is common knowledge that it motivates them, they are more productive and generally they are happier. But when companies apply the same approach, they develop blind spots, and are guaranteed to become less competitive which ultimately hurts their bottom line. As a business leader, how can you find the weaknesses in your organization that do not show up in the first-aid business tools?

23 Mar 2021
3 minute read

Few business leaders are aware that there are simple and very cost-effective ways to lift their entire organization to the next level. While logic, reasoning, analysis, intelligence are needed to grow a business, they also limit us from accessing the greatest potential in our organization. For a business to thrive in the long run, we need to include our hearts. Just two simple questions enable leaders to access and unlock that greatest potential.