We help your organization 

to transcend itself, and become 

its best version possible

Understanding behavioural patterns

When you understand how the mind operates, you will go from being your mind and emotions, to observing your mind and emotions. In the process, you’ll start to notice and recognize behavioural patterns that may prevent personal, professional and company growth. The results of our workshops, training and coaching is an aligned executive management team that propels the company forward, and is able to cascade their mindful leadership throughout the company.

Purpose and corporate identity

What makes a great company great? We ensure that Meaning is at the heart of the company’s purpose, long term vision, internal & external values supported by the entire company, and the brand promises. We show how learning tools can help new hires to quickly become infected by the company’s positive culture.

Strategy implementation

Worldwide studies all show similar outcomes: 40% to 90% of strategy implementations do not reach their objectives. We focus not only on strategy formulation, but also on strategy alignment throughout the organization, and on how everyone can stay committed to the strategy in the long run. Alignment and commitment are crucial to successful strategy implementation.

Removing barriers for growth

A fish adapts its growth to the size of its aquarium. A company can only grow within the limits of its management, and within the maturity of its processes. We talk attracting, retaining and growing top talent, scaling up and digitalizing processes, and scaling up cash.

BEING the future by embodying innovation

Are your company’s innovation efforts not producing the results you hoped for? Get excited and learn how your company can implement, optimize and maximize innovation. We provide you with the latest insights in neuroscience and with the organizational structures for corporate and disruptive innovation. Look back only to see the distance from your competitors increase.

Communicating internally

Communication is delivering a message once, marketing is delivering a message over and over until it becomes top of mind. To ensure employees adopt new processes, repetition is key. To ensure new processes and communication flows work efficiently, they need to be owned, measured, reported upon and aligned across teams and departments. Bottom-up management, communicating the framework in which people can excel, top-down.

Communicating to the outside world

How does the outside world perceive you? As one of a dozen young and dynamic companies (yawn), or as a company that radiates authenticity, excitement and opportunities for top talent? We help you translate the emotions, excitement, values, sustainable and social mindset that live in your organization to the outside world. We settle for nothing less than smiles of all stakeholders.

What our clients say

Invision Consulting has opened our eyes on what we needed to improve, and the recommen-dations we implemented raised our employee engagement considerably.

I’m very impressed.

Michael De Groeve CEO Lemonade

Invision Consulting did a fantastic job with a user-centric design and delivery of our project governance, supported by stakeholders in all our departments. In addition, the analysis of barriers for growth for our company proved to be spot-on.

Thank you for that.

CEO of a large IT service providing company

Invision Consulting brought clarity in the root cause of great friction during the integration of our company into the group, where the management of both companies did not succeed in identifying this for the past 2 years. This helped me a lot.

CEO of a major plant-based dairy company

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