Leveraging all available potential for the best possible future

We help your company to become its best

by bringing clarity about what is holding it back,

and help create the company that changes the game


Finding the right human capital and retaining it, is a challenge for nearly every company.
To stand out, you can no longer rely on employer branding alone.
In order to attract the right human capital, companies need to leverage all of their available potential.
We assess what your company's barriers are, we help transform them, so it not only becomes a magnet for the right talent, but the company becomes its best version possible.


Maximize productivity through exceptional employee engagement


Awesome culture

Create an awesome and attractive culture through ownership and clear communication



Increase EBITDA through shorter cash conversion cycles, increased aptitude for change, better agility, stronger brand, more top talent hires, and higher customer satisfaction


Innovation speed

Maximize innovation speed through an empowered mindset



Maximize impact on society and planet, and attract top talent


Customer satisfaction

Maximize customer, employee, partner and job applicant satisfaction through extreme curiosity in combination with the latest tools

How we work


Scan & discover

Holistic scan of your organization through proven analytical tools


Analysis of potential

Presentation and report on which areas in the organization can be further optimized



Transformation of hidden barriers through consultancy, coaching, training and/or workshops

Happy clients

Invision Consulting has opened our eyes on what we needed to improve, and the recommen-dations we implemented raised our employee engagement with 11% in the first year alone.

I’m very impressed.

Michael De Groeve CEO Lemonade

Invision Consulting did a fantastic job with a user-centric design and delivery of our project governance, supported by stakeholders in all our departments. In addition, the analysis of barriers for growth for our company proved to be spot-on.

Thank you for that.

CEO of a large IT service providing company

Invision Consulting brought clarity in the root cause of great friction during the integration of our company into the group, where the management of both companies did not succeed in identifying this for the past 2 years. This helped me a lot.

CEO of a major plant-based dairy company

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