How we work


Scan & discover

Holistic scan of your organization through proven analytical tools


Analysis of potential

Presentation and report on which areas in the organization can be further optimized



Transformation of hidden barriers through consultancy, coaching, training and/or workshops

This is the default process we follow, but do let us know when you want to deviate:

  1. Get in touch for a chat, and ask your most prominent questions.
  2. When you still feel good about what we have to offer, we’ll arrange a meeting where we can present our approach for the key areas you’re interested in (free of charge when in Belgium, and for videocall meetings).
  3. We agree on how we can help you, and we create a proposal based on your needs. This can be consulting in the form of advice, insights, assessments, implementation, or the combination of any of the four.
  4. Based on assessments in the form of surveys, interviews or discussions with (key) stakeholders, middle management, employees, contractors and/or 3rd parties, we will conclude our findings in a report and presentation. It is up to you to act on our findings. We are in favour to implement the change we propose, so we always see the outcome of our work.
  5. The commitments we request from you is 1) to give feedback in key areas of our consulting assignment when it is finished, and 2) to have a snaphot on relevant kpi’s before and up to 2 years after our job.

Let's talk.