We question everything

During our founder's travels all over the world, he  realized how other countries have different solutions for the same problems. They turned on a highly creative subconscious engine that is running constantly and now questions everything we see and experience. We’ll leave no stone unturned to find better solutions.

Epiphany idea generation

Ideas can only manifest within the boundaries of your imagination. The more you know, the more expertise you have in different areas, the easier it becomes for cross pollination to happen and find simple ideas or see solutions where most people don’t see any. In addition, epiphanies happen most when you’re in the zone of resolving a problem, but when your brain can fully relax. Eating pie when there are major questions to be tackled may be a good idea after all.


Everyone has at least one exceptional talent in which they’re naturally good at, which they love to do, but which needs to be discovered and developed. We are grateful to have found ours. We do what we do because we thrive when we can question the status quo, when we can innovate, and help people and companies be successful. We don’t have to invest energy to do a good job. Instead, we go beyond normal simply by being in our element.

A backpack of invaluable experience

With 20 years of consultancy and start-up experience, our founder became fully immersed in the company cultures and way of working with each assignment he accepted. Patterns emerged on why management could not see, or did not dare to act on obvious and major obstacles to growth. As a result, he developed a natural reflex to point out the most important areas for improvement. Eventually this led to the foundation of this firm, creating company-wide transformation plans to increase employee motivation, process efficiency, to create meaningful visions, missions and strategies for growth.

Knowledge areas

M&A transformations, Project Governance, organizational design, global IT Project Management, global IT Infrastructure, software & web development, product development, digital marketing, start-ups & corporate innovation, strategy implementation, fastfood & restaurant, FMCG, carpentry, kitchen & interior design, public transport and the chemical industry.

Appetite for relevant knowledge

Everything that touches sustainable organisation design, team design, employee motivation, meaning, empowering employees, process optimization, innovation, creativity, ideation, leadership, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, removing barriers for growth, change and strategy execution, is food for our brains.

Deep understanding of how past experiences drive thoughts, emotions and behaviour

It’s only when things go wrong in our lives, that we start questioning ourselves and get doubts. What we experience as chronically lacking, often drives us to search for answers within and without. People who are persistent in pursuing happiness, are the first ones to learn how negative experiences were often disguised traumas that influenced their thoughts, emotions and behaviour throughout their life. Only when we get to the root of these traumas, we can acknowledge and resolve them, which has an immediate effect on the quality of our life. This is exceptionally relevant for executive management and boardroom members, who either drive the company forward, or slow it down. But that’s ok. Stormy weather and a rough sea make the best captains.

Why should you choose us?