Mastering Personal, Enterprise and Disruptive Transformation With Confidence and Inner Peace

Only the most successful people are willing to challenge themselves in demanding times. When others are tired, they refuse to rest and use adversity to create opportunity.

For business leaders, there is no such thing as major business improvement without major self-development. The biggest competitive advantage for established companies, family businesses and SME's are no longer made in (necessary) innovation, but in upgrading the leadership mindset. With self-awareness and through creating a strong leadership team they can serve their organization in the best way possible.

For this one-of-a-kind Masterclass in Sustainable Growth, 4 experts in transformation team up and offer a unique blend to cover all aspects needed for successful transformation towards a future-proof organization. By following the 3 modules, you will get all essential insights and practical tools to help you and your organization transform, with confidence and inner peace.

For whom?

This masterclass will provide most value for

  • Senior executives
  • (Future) Transformation Managers
  • CIO's
  • Business Leaders
  • Anyone who seeks to upgrade their 21st century leadership skills, to master business transformation, and to manage and lead disruption with confidence and inner peace.

Practical info

  • The Masterclass is in English. We provide tickets for each module separately, and for the entire masterclass with a €300 discount.
  • For now the Masterclass is done via Zoom. When allowed and deemed safe, we may organize the remaining ones for physical attendance without surcharge.
  • Presentations will be shared after each module.
  • There will be time for networking after the end of each module.
  • Invoice will be sent with your ticket purchase confirmation
  • If you have any additional questions, contact
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Module 1: Personal transformation

Succes in (digital) business transformation is multiplied when we accept that we too may need to change, instead of only the people down in the organization. With 20 years of consultancy experience of which 10 years in global mergers, acquisitions and transformations, Bruno distills the most common - and at the same time - least visible barriers to sustainable growth, and provides a guiding framework. Ilse and her team coach the highly ambitious and committed entrepreneurs and CEO's to help them in becoming the person they want to be, and to overcome the obstacles that prevent their success. Ilse sees on a daily basis how the creating personal clarity, focus and inner peace, brings those exact same characteristics into the organization.

Bruno Rooselaer

Bruno Rooselaer

Sustainable Growth Management Consultant, Founder & Managing Director

The invisible enemy of transformation: How can you prevent blind spots?

  • The 3 major underlying barriers to sustainable growth
  • Introduction to Invision Consulting's own Model for Sustainable Growth, as foundation for purpose driven organizations and as guide to avoid personal and organizational blind spots.
Ilse Jaques

Ilse Jaques

Executive & High Performance Coach, Founder & CEO

Developing personal leadership to master business leadership

  • The fundamentals of highly effective leadership
  • The underestimated impact of your reptile brain on your results, circumstances and overall success
  • Becoming a master of your reptile brain and stepping behind the steering wheel of your own life, business and results
  • The creation of a new and transformed internal world dialogue to establish a profound and lasting transformation
  • Disfunctional and functional patterns dismantled as a first step to a higher conciousness
  • Introduction of your ‘state of being’
  • How you can and must shift your ‘state of being’ on a continuous basis so that you can play the highest game and lead a balanced quality life at the same time
  • Friday December 11, 2020
  • 15:00h - 18:00h CET
  • Zoom
  • 495€ ex VAT
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Module 2: Enterprise & complex business transformation

In enterprise and complex business transformations (which digital transformations so often are), having the right people with the right skills on the right positions are key to success. Having led numerous complex international business transformations, Marc developed a hands-on training program for business transformation leaders, of which he will share the most important take aways in this module.

Marc Van Obberghen

Marc Van Obberghen

Strategic Transformational Leader, Founder & Partner Vade Ad Cor and Inscriptio

Developing individual ownership to succesfully deliver enterprise and complex transformation programs

  • Introduction to the Leadership Development Level and Deployment Risk Model, developed by Marc Van Obberghen
  • How to diagnose the "Combat Readiness" of your organization?
  • How does leadership correlate to the development of employees and thus to taking ownership?
  • Are your employees ready in terms of level of development and ownership to operate in Panic Zone (=Complex projects) and Zero Zone (=Crisis projects)?
  • Who should take on roles in the Transformation Office to manage these high impact projects?
  • What are the required strengths and skills for employees in the Transformation Office and the rest of the organization?
  • Closing the circle by getting back to the required kind of leadership to lead this type of employees?
  • Friday January 22, 2021
  • 15:00h - 18:00h CET
  • Zoom
  • 495€ ex VAT
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Module 3: Disruptive transformation

2020 was a year not soon to be forgotten. A test for most business leaders, an opportunity for many, and a challenge for others. But how can business leaders and their organizations, be best prepared for disruption? There is no silver bullet or one-size-fits-all solution, but applying Peter's methodology creates a great place to work and thrive. Join this module to be inspired, and get practical tools to help you in creating an agile, innovative and enthused 21st century organization.


Peter Rosseel

Leadership, Strategy, Culture and Learning Executive Coach, international key note speaker, visiting professor KU Leuven, Managing Director MCR

The vision, leadership and culture triangle as key to behavioral change during disruptions

Introduction to the WILL methodology (Agility, Innovation and Lifelong Learning) developed by Peter Rosseel, with lessons from the front of the Covid-19 Intensive Care unit at a university hospital of Brussels (first wave).

  • Strategy vs strategy implementation
  • Behavioral change - and thus cultural change
  • What is strong leadership?
  • How to stimulate passion for learning

Goals for every organization as vaccine against disruption

  • Going from fragility to antifragility
  • Getting to sustainable growth
  • Creating commitment for results
  • Command & control vs coordination

The impact of all this on the customer journey and employee journey.

  • Friday February 26, 2021
  • 15:00h - 18:00h CET
  • Zoom
  • 495€ ex VAT
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